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Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit polls UP Result: The Time of UP Opinion Poll, latest survey, and exit poll result has come out. The News and survey agency are conducting latest opinion poll for UP Election 2017. Most awaited UP Election Polls and UP Election Result 2017 date had released. This time India Today, ABP News, News Nation, Huffpost, Nielson, etc. are organizing a survey of UP Chunav and their result you can check here or official sites. Uttar Pradesh is a big area according to population, politics. UP plays the main role in Indian politics. In UP Legislative Assembly 403 seats have which is the huge compared to another state. Now, in Uttar Pradesh government, Samajwadi Party is ruling and their five-year tenure is going to complete in the month of March 2017 so nowadays, Uttar Pradesh government is counting their five-year work and showing their five-year development front of the public via advertisement. The Samajwadi party has active to face next assembly election who will hold in 2017. Get on here Uttar Pradesh election Opinion Poll.

Click here for – UP Election 2017 Phase 2 Polling Live

UP Assembly Election 2017 Result Live Update

ABP News-Nielsen Opinion Poll Result UP Election 2017

Akhilesh Govt. Approved 7th Pay Commission Recommend

Uttar Pradesh election Opinion Poll

In Uttar Pradesh, some major party becomes like to Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC). Everyone party has started their election campaign for Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2017 and making a strategy to win Uttar Pradesh election. According to me, this year Uttar Pradesh election will become very interesting and everyone party will give competition another party. Below mention, Uttar Pradesh election Opinion poll is very unexpecting for BJP and a good news for BJP that BJP is trending in Uttar Pradesh.

Date Ref Polling org./Agency
March 2016 [39] ABP News Opinion Poll 185 120 93 5
Jul-Aug 2016 [40] ABP News-Lokniti 103-113 (108) 124-134 (129) 149-165 (157) 6-12 (9)
Aug 2016 [41] India TV-CVoter 95-111 (103) 134-150 (142) 138-162 (150) 4-12 (8)
Oct 2016 [42] India Today-Axis 115-124 (118) 170-183 (175) 102-115 (107) 2-6 (3)
Dec 2016 [43] ABP News-Lokniti-CSDS 93-103 (98) 129-139 (134) 154-170 (162) 9
Jan 2017 [44] India Today-Axis 119-138 (121) 171-184 (211) 97-104 (101) 7-11 (9)
Jan 2017 [45] The WEEK-Hansa Research 20-24 (22) 192-196 (194) 178-182 (180) 5-9 (7)
27 Jan 2017 [46] TNSPIMT 23 177 201
29 Jan 2017 [47] News 24 (India) 76 120 (191)
30 Jan 2017 [48] ABP News-Lokniti-CSDS 76-86 (81) 118-128 (123) 187-197 (192)
30 Jan 2017 [49] Times Now-VMR 47 202 147 7
Polls Average 83 163 151 7

Times Now-VMR Survey UP Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017

The Time Now-VMR released the latest survey of UP. According to this survey, BJP May win 202 seats with 34% vote.  We are publishing below the UP Election 2017 latest Survey Result.

Party Seats Projection Vote Sharing
BJP 202 34%
SP-Congress 147 31%
BSP 47 24%

Who is the First Choice as UP CM?

  • Akhilesh Yadav 39%
  • Mayawati 23%
  • Yogi Adityanath 16%

ABP News-CSDS Opinion Poll UP Election 2017

Party Seats Projection Vote Sharing
SP-Congress 187-197 35%
BJP 118-128 29%
BSP 76-86 23%

VDPAssociates Opinion Poll

Date: 29/01/2017

Before the UP Assembly election 2017, the survey agency has conducted the opinion poll for UP Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2017. According to this latest Opinion Poll, BJP is likely to win a clear majority in UP and ruling SP Party slip in second place.

Party Seats Projection Vote Sharing
BJP+ 207 35%
SP+Congress 128 32%
BSP 58 22%

UP Election Result 2017

UP Election Result 2017: The Date of UP Assembly Election 2017 has been declared. The UP Vidhan Sabha will go to polls in 7th Phase. UP Assembly Election 2017 Result will announce by ECI which will publish after vote counting. The Date of Vote Counting for UP Vidhan Sabha Chunav (Chunaw) Parinam has set 11th March. Guys you can see here UP Election 2017 Result and we will publish here UP Chunav live update and latest news of vote counting day. Now in Uttar Pradesh Election Movement has grown and SP, BSP, Congress, BJP Party are organizing a rally and addressing to UP Public. for UP Election 2017 mostly parties have released their candidate list and now going to release UP Manifesto (Ghoshna Patra).

UP Election Latest Survey by VDPAssociates

The survey has conducted by VDPAssociates and it results has disclosed on 5th January 2017. According to this Opinion Poll, BJP Party is growing to victory in UP and ruling SP Party is losing the support of UP Public.

Party Seats Projection Vote Sharing
BJP+ 165 33%
SP 149 31%
BSP 76 23%
Cong 4 4%

Latest Survey of Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Chunav

Uttar Pradesh election Opinion Poll


Uttar Pradesh Election Exit Poll

Before coming to the election people are searching opinion polls and exit polls. It decides that which one party is popular nowadays in this area. It decides that how is a public mood in this election?

The News Channel Authority and Survey company do a survey where will the election become?

Uttar Pradesh election Opinion Poll

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll

Latest CVoter Survey UP Assembly Election

CVoter has recently some time later has done a survey in Uttar Pradesh for Upcoming assembly election 2017. This survey has conducted by CVoter between 1st to 31st August on all 403 Vidhan Sabha seats. Which has survey result shown by us on below? According to this survey, SP Party is making led and second round up party is BJP. Mayawati Party BSP which was making led past survey. It has gone away in third place.

Party Name 2012 Seat Seat &
Vote Share Projection 2016
BJP 47 134-150 (27.79%)
SP 224 133-149 (27.51%)
BSP 80 95-111 (25.44%)
INC 28 5-13 (6.19%)
Others 24 4-12 (13.07%)

ABP News-Lokniti/CSDs Exit Poll UP Election 2017

ABP News-Lokniti has conducted the Exit Poll in Uttar Pradesh in the month of August. There result are shown below.

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll

India TV-CVoter Survey for UP Election

Party Name Seats Prediction
BSP 139-147
SP 134-142
Congress-RLD 52-60
BJP 44-52
Others 14-22

Monthly Magazine ‘Parliamentarian’ latest Opinion Poll of UP

Party Seat forecast in 2016
BJP 135
BSP 169
SP 74
Congress 15

VDPAssociates Opinion Poll UP Election 2017

VDPAssociates has done a very latest survey on Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Chunav which will hold the next year 2017. The survey has completed on 1st October and their result come to a very good news for Bhartiya Janta Party because according to this survey BJP may win 190 seats and make govt in UP. The ruling party condition is bad because they got the second position in this survey and Uttar Pradesh Assembly opposition party BSP got the third position which is bad news for Bahujan Samajwadi Party.

Party Name No. of Seats % Sharing
BJP 190 31%
SP 111 27%
BSP 87 24%
INC 5 5%

Latest India Today-Axis Opinion Poll for Uttar Pradesh

Wednesday 12th October, India today has published latest India today-Axis survey on UP Vidhan Sabah chunav. According to this survey, BJP is making the lead on top position.

Party Seat Survey Vote Share
BJP 170-183 31%
BSP 115-124 28%
SP 94-103 25%
Congress 8-12 6%
Other 2-6 10%

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2017 survey exit poll

Hindi Khabar Opinion Poll for Uttar Pradesh Election

Hindi Khabar has done the survey in the Uttar Pradesh state for upcoming state assembly election.who can make the government if the election held today. This survey has done between 2nd October-18th October. Here, We have published the latest opinion poll result.

Party Seat forcast
BJP 104-116(110)
BSP 175-185(180)
SP 82-106(94)
Congress 8-10(9)
Other 10-12(11)

ABP News-CSDS Latest Survey UP Election 2017

Party Seat forcast
SP 141-151
BJP 129-139
BSP 93-103
Congress 13-19
Other ——–

THE WEEK-Hansa Research Survey UP Election 2017

The Week-Hansa Research conduct the survey for UP Election 2017. Here is the result of this Opinion Poll of UP Chunav. As per the Opinion Poll, BJP can get the highest number of seats in UP and second SP-Congress Party alliance may win 178-182 seats. It’s prediction that after the alliance of SP-Congress they will able to get a majority but this Opinion Poll tells the opposite. According to this survey in UP Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2017 BJP Party air is moving.

Party Seat forcast
BJP 192-196
SP-Congress 178-182
BSP 20-24
Other 5-9

Punjab election Opinion Poll

Goa election Opinion Poll

Manipur election Opinion Poll

Uttarakhand election Opinion Poll

Mayawati Rally in Azamgarh

We have provided on this page different survey company opinion polls for Uttar Pradesh. You can read every company survey polls and predict that who will win the Uttar Pradesh election 2017.

We are publishing election opinion poll and exit poll on this website so stay with us and read more post related to the election. Above, We presented Uttar Pradesh election Opinion poll.


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