UP CM Candidate : Rajnath Singh is the better choice for CM candidate?

Dikshit, Congress has made its UP CM candidate announces. At the same time, he will bump straight Mulayam and Mayawati. BJP CM candidate on the move has increased pressure to announce. Several BJP UP Cm candidate – Yogi Aditya, Smriti Irani, Varun Gandhi, Mahesh Sharma, Sanjeev Balyan, Uma Bharti and more. Amit Shah, OP Mathur, strategist like this indicate that there is no leader in the state, which will hold in the state. Mulayam and Mayawati in front of all these people are of low stature. Let check out Upcoming Election 2017.

Singh Modi cabinet is a number -2. As a result, they can lead the campaign. Although the entry into politics of Uttar Pradesh Rajnath seems less interested. But Modi and Shah at going to the best candidates in UP Rajnath Singh can persuade. For more Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister candidate read the full post.

UP CM Candidate of BJP

BJP’s Rajnath advantages and disadvantages of choosing:


  • Who UP CM Candidate calm debate

BJP CM candidate will be announced? If so, who will be the candidate?Memory, Varun Gandhi, Mahesh Sharma, UMA or Aditya. What will they or will they race? What strategy will be adopted, like Bihar or Assam? These supporters of BJP and some confusion among Top Leadership is spreading. Rajnath Singh and BJP Rdniti announcements will calm the debate will be cleared.

  • Dlbdli help fight

Rajnath Singh, BJP is sturdy in stature. Modi and Shah support. So stay united and it will help prevent Dlbdli leaders. The biggest fear for BJP CM candidate in the state after a leader of the rebels have come out.

Now zones (East, West, and Central) by strategy (selling development agenda, caste Hindu votes integration) will be given to the work of individual leaders.

  • Additional cast will be satisfied

Two-thirds of the BJP OBC voters (except Yadav) and the upper caste. The population of the two communities in the state is around 50 per cent. Maurya, state president and candidate by BJP chief Rajnath Singh Rajput woo OBC and will work. The strategy of the Congress Sheila would be beneficial to abort the game plan.

 Rajnath Singh is the better choice for cm candidate

  • Mayawati and Mulayam equal stature

Is a problem with the BJP UP CM candidate – Mulayam and Mayawati in the state high stature and lack of administrative experience. BJP’s problem is that any of these effects is not the leader in the state.

Rajnath Singh, in this case, is not mitigated. Also, Rajnath Singh’s image is even better than its competitors. Then the soft-Maya are facing a disproportionate assets case against Yadav and anti-incumbency.

Uttar Pradesh Election Opinion Poll

  • Paladin card dent in SP

Rajput 7 percent of the state population. In recent elections, the SP Rajput managed to get 17 per cent votes. So, the decision brought to the House of SP Singh Rajput dent in trying to lure works. Nearly 51 percent of the party vote for the Paladin.

 Rajnath Singh is the better choice for cm candidate


  • Brahmins and Dalits disappointment

Brahman Congress CM candidate has projected. So, she is announcing reservation for economically backward, the Brahmin BSP-Congress could increase.

At a time when the Pacific teenager and her Brahmins (9 percent) are trying to woo the BJP Akrega the move a little to the community. Brahmins and Rajputs dominated the Hindi-speaking states is the old quarrel.

Brahman Congress CM candidate has projected. So, she is announcing reservation for economically backward, the Brahmin BSP-Congress could increase.

Brahmin voters in the last four elections, the BJP 52 percent, 19 percent and 12 percent of Congress voted for the BSP. BJP in 2014 managed to get the support of non-Jatvon (45 per cent). Rajnath Singh in the BSP, they can return to the project. Which may be two reasons behind? She is considered closer to the first race. Second, she is considered the worthy winner of the 2017 elections.

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017

  • There are not developmental Singh

Rajnath MHA handle. BJP men are not going to develop their image and that of ethnic politics rather than evolution might want a dear party, the BJP had won in 2014 because of the agenda. It will not succeed. Ministry of Home affairs does not have any development projects in terms of good governance and Rajnath people from their old term will compare.

  • Modi can see it like a shield

Rajnath Singh picked knowledgeable defensive strategy might assume. Modi to prevent it from the start. These early polls show that Mayawati can win. Modi if the BJP wins the party will give it credit. If the party loses, Rajnath Singh, head of the ‘lost wreath “to be tied.

  • A decade away from state politics and mass are not leaders Rajnath

Rajnath Singh, Leader of the large masses are not considered. After the removal of anti-party activities because of Rajnath Singh, Kalyan Singh in Uttar Pradesh was entered. The leadership of the party even negates the lion. State BJP president Rajnath Singh’s leadership in the cause of the collapse, many people believe.

In 2009, Singh first deputy elected from the Lok Sabha seat Ghaziabad. Here he won the Critics so because no candidate stood against him by SP. Wave in 2014. He left in the safe seat Ghaziabad carrying Lucknow.

  • “Second,” the Gandhi family may be unhappy

Varun’s mother Maneka This step-son pair might be disappointed. ETV polls, the leaders in the state are in better shape than Neptune. Varun also aspires to lead in the state have expressed openly. Maneka Gandhi has become the center of a dispute with some ministers.

Market rumors that can be heated back to both the Congress. Varun Singh announced that the Congress could push the party to be detrimental because the popular young leader Varun.

Rajnath Singh, the BJP campaign in UP like this has some advantages and some disadvantages to face. Shah will keep an eye on in the coming month’s Opinion Polls. If the survey upper caste BJP, non-Yadav OBC and non-Jatvon talk of supporting the Shah, Rajnath Singh CM candidate for UP elections are announced.

At the end of 2014 for the BJP is difficult to repeat the magic. Now everything depends on the opinion polls! And also the BJP are ready for this or not.

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