Unique Identification Authority of India [ UIDAI ] Structure and Working

UIDAI that is Unique Identification Authority of India is a government agency which works under the Planning Commission of India and is responsible for governing Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar identification cards.



UIDAI works with a team of 383 officers and staff working with them currently. That is a handsome amount of people working on a particular design (Aadhaar) for the betterment of the country and its people. To make it easier for the public to reach out to UIDAI and also to get their jurisdiction covered it decided to have its regional offices in various cities such as Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Ranchi.

UIDAI has its headquarters based in Delhi. There is just one man playing a major role in UIDAIas the Director General (DG) and Mission Director (MD) as well as the Chairman, and that man is Shri Vijay S Madan.

Unique Identification Authority of India [ UIDAI ] - Structure and Working


Everyone has an aim, even does the UIDAI. Since they have started everything online, their basic aim is to provide each citizen with a unique number in order to avoid any duplication or fake identities. Online contributes a lot to cost effectiveness, therefore benefitting a maximum number of people.

With the advancement in technology in our country, even UIDAI being a government body is taking steps to support the infrastructure with Central and State Government departments as a helping hand. These three together can really shake the country in a good way as the potential that the Aadhaar card has will be contributing a lot to the service delivery, accountability and transparency in the governance of various social sector schemes. The Central Ministries, as well as the Departments, are preparing themselves in order to provide assistance to Aadhaar and UIDAItill the very end.

UIDAI has proposed something which would be beneficial for the stakeholders in building blocks. UIDAI believes that the stakeholders can develop some template or core applications which would be useful to them in the long run.

Unique Identification Authority of India [ UIDAI ] - Structure and Working


To understand the role of authentication it is important to first understand the basics of the authentication process.

  1. Aadhaar Authentication: This is the process wherein the Aadhaar number as well as the demographic, biometrics and OTP are submitted to the UIDAI’s CIDR for verification. CIDR stands for Central Identities Data Repository. Once the attributes are in the hands of CIDR, it takes it from there. The verification process involves checking whether the data which has been submitted matches the data available in CIDR. Depending on the result it responds with a Yes or a No and does not provide with any personal identity information.
  2. Benefits of Aadhaar Authentication: The benefits of the authentication are to build a healthy relationship between the residents and the service providers. It’s for the residents to be able to claim to the service providers as a proof of their identity and in return, the service providers can provide them with benefits and services.

UIDAI was basically started to provide the people a unique identification that “you live in India and that you are a citizen of India”. The Chairman Shri Nandan Nilekani speaks about the strategic value about this authentication.

He says that the authentication of Identity is done at every point and basically done in 03 ways:

  • What you know Authentication

For Example, You know the password or the pin number when using your email

  • What you have Authentication

For example: When you swipe your ATM card to withdraw money and the bank accepts that it is “your” debit card and therefore allowing you to withdraw the money. The OTP works in the same way while downloading e-Aadhaar card. The only difference is it authenticates your mobile number.

  • Who you are Authentication

For example Initially the system was started with finger prints and now an advanced biometric system called “IRIS” is used.

These authentication methods that have been introduced are very strategic in nature as they contribute majorly in reducing adoption, time and most importantly cost. He also says that UIDAIis able to reach the maximum public with minimum cost and no distribution of tokens.

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The latest news of the use of UIDAI or Aadhaar claims that the Aadhaar card can be strictly used only for PDS and LPG distribution as ordered by the Supreme Court. This is basically to keep the privacy of each individual intact.

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