Rahul Gandhi Addressed Rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana District

Rahul Gandhi Addressed Rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana District:- Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed Gujarat Public in Mehsana. His speech focused on Notbandi and Dalit oppression. They said that Patidar protest peacefully here, they did not violence but You (Gujarat govt.) killed their child, women. You (BJP) killed here Dalits, they live here in fear. Your’s Government of Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh snatch land from tribals. If someone picks up the sound of your governments to make him drop dead. ” Notbandi criticized the decision, Gandhi said, “The decision of the Centre poor, farmers, against the 99 percent of people without asking PM evacuated blood.” He said “Modi, millions of people have taken the job. They ruined. Modi said India and 99 percent of the withdrawn money from banks transported upright. Your money to the rich, debt forgiven. ”

Rahul Gandhi Addressed Rally in Gujarat's Mehsana District

Rahul Gandhi also questioned the purpose of Notbandi. “The smartest thief in India, they do not keep their money in cash. In Jewellery, in reality, in the land, are foreign banks. Only 6 per cent of India’s black money in cash. Rest in foreign bank accounts, real estate, gold and land is in. Now the question arises that why Narendra Modi rushed back to 6 per cent, 94 per cent were not behind. Modi knows that 1 percent of people are more and more black. ”

Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi 9 times in 6 months paid Sahara. These are all people who wrote in his diary. “Rahul Gandhi, Modi also accused of taking money from the Birla Group. Rahul Gandhi, BJP on Modi’s allegations said, “Rahul Gandhi is not a serious politician. The Prime Minister has used the false allegations. ”

Congress’s is a strategy by gathering the first to challenge Modi in their strongholds through Rahul’s rally. Let me tell you that a few days ago of the Mehsana district, Modi had addressed a rally of farmers in Deesa. The need to transport your message so far only farmers in the state, Rahul can Patidars place among the community is interested in making.

Gujarat assembly elections are due next year. The party in power has remained constant in the elections AAP is willing to show the full potential. AAP’s patidars of forming alliances with leaders of the movement equations hearty Patel Congress has already worried.

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