PM Narender Modi meet today in town hall

PM Narender Modi meet today in town hall: PM Narendra Modi today at 5 pm at the Town Hall program in Indoor stadium will answer people’s questions. Some 2,000 people participated in this program have been called for. Town Hall program has begun at 9.30 am. Between 5 pm and 6 pm The session will be PM. But the program, which will run throughout the day session will include several senior ministers to communicate with people.

‘Town Hall’ event at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, thereby MyGov motto ‘Do, discuss and Disseminate on the various panel discussions and then the Prime Minister will address the first Townhall. The program will minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. PM Narender Modi’s session before the session of the Finance Minister will. The premier website for a mobile user to be able to add a new app will be released in the massive program organized civil interactive platform of government ‘MyGov’ is on its second anniversary. Modi portal was launched in 2014.

PM Narender Modi to connect with citizens via first townhall meet

It will a first time that any Prime Minister of India will meet directly to citizens and talk to them. PM Narendra Modi is one of the famous and popular PM of India and now, he is working very good. Indian citizens are satisfied their government work. Some time before, Mod’s government completed their 2 years.

US President Barack Obama with the public ‘Town Hall’ program is communicated through. This program is very popular. Facebook a year ago during the visit of the Prime Minister were the main office. PM Narender Modi also here with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook employees ‘Town Hall’ dialogue was held.

MyGov’s CEO Gaurav Dwivedi  said, “The Prime citizen participation, MyGov, participatory governance initiatives in response to the emerging and see how this platform, will go on.” He said that those who choose the process is already underway, which will interact with Modi. He said, “MyGov selected from among regular users of their ideas, questions, and suggestions and will be based on the level of engagement.”

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