PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode on 25th Dec. Watch Video, Live Audio

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode on 25th Dec. Watch Video, Live Audio: – Prime Minister Narender Modi will be going to meet public through Mann Ki Baat Programme which is come on AIR every month at the ending. PM Modi has addressed public via this program 26th times and on 25th December on the festival of Christmas will address 27th time and it will be Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode. As before last time also this time PM Modi inviting ideas, suggestion, on which topic you all wants that PM Speak in Programme. You all can suggest or give your ideas related to any topic via online or offline mode or record your voice and send on the address. You are all ideas, suggestion will be add in the program and PM Modi will conversation on the topic on 25th December Mann Ki Baat Programme.

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode on 25th Dec. Watch Video, Live Audio

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme Live Updates

Our government is for the people. The government is the people’s happiness and sorrow attention. Corrupt people are discovering a new way of corruption but we are also inventing a new way to beat them. Corrupt will explore new way so the government will also invent a new way to break them. The funding of political parties should be discussed. For the convenience of the public rules are changed frequently. Government seeks feedback from the public. The fight against corruption is just the beginning. The government will take big steps against the anonymous property. My first priority is the national interest. Public Giving me intelligence news against the corrupt people.

Cashless wage workers have gained too much. Exploitation of workers will not be from cashless India. In Assam, the reward will be given to farmers cashless transactions. The informal money is too much in our economy. Some people are looking for a new path to foul. People are fighting against corruption like soldiers. Misled by those who responded to the country. The pain hurts me too much to the public. Try to give color to the fight against corruption is being rioting. Giving the public retort rumor mongers. Rs 50 to Rs 3 thousand rewards on shopping. Buying more than 3 thousand people will not get the reward. E-payment is simple. On digital transactions would be exempt from income tax of Businessman. Grameen Bank at least two customers make digital transactions. Efforts are on to boost digital transactions. Cashless transactions in the country increased by 200-300%.

The Prime Minister said: Hello my dear countrymen, lumps of Christmas greetings. Today is the birthday of Madan Mohan Malviya and Alt Bihari Vajpayee. Vajpayee deeds will never be forgotten. Today is the beginning of two new projects in the country. Curiosity is on the cashless environment. Today, 1,500 people will have a reward. From Today 15 thousand people every day will have a reward of Rs 1,000. Lucky draw of Millions will reward of April 14. The reward for cashless business separately. You will get the reward on E-Payment.

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme inviting ideas

Priminister Narender Modi inviting ideas for an upcoming 27th episode of PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme from the public. You all can record your ideas, suggestion, query, question, messages via this toll-free number 1800-11-7800 Only in Hindi or English Language. You can give a missed call on 1922 number and record your message, or visit on the official website 

PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode on 25th Dec. Watch Video, Live Audio

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PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme Watch Video

Here is the last time PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme episode video available and we will provide here Mann Ki Baat Programme 27th Episode video very soon.

Stay with us and watch PM Modi Mann Ki Baat Programme on 25th December. Write down how is it? and your memories related to Mann Ki Baat Programme.

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