(Pondicherry) Nellithope Bye Election Result Live Vote Counting Latest News Winner Name

(Pondicherry) Nellithope Bye Election Result Live Vote Counting Latest News Winner Name:- This  time  it  is  the Puducherry  (Nellithope)  Vidhan  Sabha/  Assembly  Bye  Election.  The  Election  Commission  has announced  that  the  counting  of  votes  for  the  Puducherry  Nellithope  Assembly  By  Elections that  are taking place in the month of November 2016 will be done on the 22nd of November 2016. The Other states of Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura and Puducherry are also completed the by polls and the counting of votes for the constituencies will don on the same date. There are total eight candidates contesting in Nellithope Assembly Bye Poll Election out of which three are  independent.  The  All  India  Anna  Dravida  Munnetra  Kazhagam  (AIADMK) has  opted  to  field Omshaktisekar  as  the  candidate  for  this  seat.  The  Indian  National  Congress  (INC) has  chosen Narayanasamy as the candidate. The Janta Dal United (JDU) is also contesting in the bye election and has declared R Arumugam Saravana as their candidate. Naam Tamilar Katchi, a local party has announced R. Ravi  Annamali  as  their  candidate.  The  three  independent  candidates  that are  using  their  luck  and  will certainly  want  to  muster  all  the  luck  that  they  can  in  contesting  in  the  by  poll  election  in  Nellithope constituency are  Ganesh  Gnanasambanth,  K  Kaliyamoorthi,  Segar  Alias  Gnanasegaran  and  Masila Kuppusamy.

Nellithope Bye Election Result

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Votes Runner Up Gender Party Votes
2016 17 Nellithope GEN A. Johnkumar M INC 18506 Omsakthi Sekar M AIADMK 6365
2011 17 Nellithope GEN Omsakthi Sekar M AIADMK 13301 R.V.Janakiraman M DMK 8783
2006 7 Nellithope GEN Om Sakthi Sekar M AIADMK 9933 R.V. Janakiraman M DMK 8490
2001 7 Nellithope GEN R.V. Janakiraman M DMK 7780 Dr. J. Nannan M ADMK 5839
1996 7 Nellithope GEN R.V. Janakiraman M DMK 8803 D. Ramachandiren M ADMK 7354
1991 7 Nellithope GEN R. V. Janakiraman M DMK 7067 N. R. Shanmugam M ADK 6988
1990 7 Nellithope GEN R. V. Jankiraman M DMK 6601 B. Manimaran M ADK 6071
1985 7 Nellithope GEN R.V.Janakiraman M DMK 5526 B. Manimaran M ADK 4490
1980 7 Nellithope GEN P. Ramalingam M DMK 4019 B. Manimaran M ADK 2110
1977 7 Nellithope GEN R. Kannan M JNP 2757 P. Vengatesan M ADK 2137
1974 7 Nellithope GEN R. Kannan M NCO 2495 N. Ranganathan M CPI 2369
1969 7 Nellithope GEN N.Ranganathan M CPI 4372 B. Chandrasekaran M INC 2759
1964 7 Nellithope GEN N. Ranganathan M PF 3627 R.T. Purushothaman M CONG 3611


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