Mayawati’s Rally in Azamgarh today on Sunday

Mayawati’s Rally in Azamgarh today on Sunday:- Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief Mayawati has done a rally in Azamgarh. Which is the hometown of SP chief Mulayam sigh Yadav and they had elected from here for Parliament member? Firstly, Mayawati greeting to all people who come here? Mayawati said that this ground is very big for Mulayam Singh but for us, this is very small because in this rally a large number of the public came and support us to win this election. BSP Chief indicate to people and said that next government will make of BSP’s Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan Sukhay’ rallies ?


Mayawati’s Rally in Azamgarh today on Sunday

Mayawati blamed on Modi’s government that they did not work for North-East’s Unemployed People. Mayawati asked that Did the farmer income increase? Did There factory open? Modi’s government did remember that Gorakhpur factory closed when that time then UP election is near. Mayawati said that Modi’s government did not complete their promises which had done in 2014’s Lok Sabha election.

Mayawati blamed on Modi’s government and said that central government is working only for a business man and they forgive all loan of Businessman and they irritate farmer for that reason farmer is doing suicide. They are not working for poor people.

Mayawati Said that Smart city Project and Jan Dhan Yojan’s profit are taken by the reach people. It’s not beneficial for poor people. Bullet train in the budget for the common people could run many trains.

BSP supremo accused the central government of following the RSS agenda . The Modi government has given companies important ministries work Pvt . It would not get any of the Dalits and backward reservation .

Mayawati’s Speech main Point

  • RSS Cheif Mohan Bhagwat vigorous attack on
  • She spokes to the Union chief says that Hindus have more children. Will he be able to give employ?
  • The Prime Minister had promised to bring back the black money. The Promise yet is not fulfilled.
  • In Uttar Pradesh BSP definitely, make government in Upcoming assembly election 2017.

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