How to Apply Aadhar Card Online, Registration, Check status enquiry, Download e-Aadhar

How to Apply Aadhar Card Online, Registration, Check status enquiry, Download e-Aadhar:- If you want to apply for new Aadhar card registration so here you have come to the right portal. We will tell here how can you apply for Aadhar card or how can you download Aadhar card online or how to check Aadhar card application status. We understand that Aadhar card is a very important document and These documents use in govt. or private work.

With a huge population like India’s, it came as no surprise that the government decided to introduce a verification system or card that will enable them to keep track of each and every citizen and resident of India. The Unique Identification Authority of India is responsible for issuing Aadhar cards to the citizens of India.

How to Check Aadhar Card  Status Online

Aadhar card: The Aadhar card is an absolutely free document. It enables citizens and residents of India to avail of certain benefits. The Aadhar card is the biggest citizen identification card in the world with the most number of citizens. It works as a solid proof for the citizens of India and they can furnish the card whenever a proof is required.

How to Apply Aadhar Card Online, Registration, Check status enquiry, Download e-Aadhar

The process for registering for the Aadhar card is quite easy. All you have to do is log on to the official website for Aadhar card and register. Let one thing be clear that you cannot apply for an Aadhar card online but you can apply for an appointment date. This is because the verification process needs you to be physically present in front of the official.

Aadhar card process:You will be required to fill out your basic details in the online section and wait your turn for an appointment with a UIAI official. Their centers are designated according to the residence of citizens. Therefore your enrollment center will be in the area of your residence. If you have changed your residence and yet not notified the authorities then your verification will happen at a center which is located in the area of your previous residence.

How to Apply Aadhar Card Online

The steps required to book an appointment online are:

  • Go to this link . It will enable you to fill the online appointment form.
To download the application form click here: Aadhar Card Application Form
  • Fill in all your details including your name, number and email ID. Please note that the contact details you provide in this form will be used in case of any kind of notifications or emergency. Make sure you fill them in with utmost care.
  • Once you have completed filling out your details, you can select the date, time and enrollment center for your appointment with a UIAI official.
  • Please note that it is mandatory to visit one of the Aadhar card centers irrespective of whether you’ve obtained your form online or from an Aadhar enrolment center.

While at the Aadhar card center it is a must that you keep a few things in mind. Make sure to carry all the required documents and various proofs. If you forget even one proof, your Aadhar card process will get an incomplete citation.

For the registration process of the Aadhar card, only the identity proof and address proof are required. There is a total of 18 options listed on the UIDAI website for identity proof. You can carry any one of them along with you. For the address proof, there is a total of 33 options out of which you can choose to bring 1 for the verification process.

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The process also involves the scanning of your fingerprints and your iris. This is mandatory and you will be asked to verify or double check all of this information once it is complete. After the initial process is complete, you will have to wait for your Aadhar number to arrive through the post. Your Aadhar card will arrive in 3-4 months.

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