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Goa election Opinion Poll 2017 | Exit Poll | News Survey

Goa election Opinion Poll 2017 | Exit Poll | News Survey : Goa assembly election are going to organize by the election commission of India very soon so news agency and survey company are doing survey in all over the Goa and collecting knowledge that which one party is winning chance making in Goa next assembly election and What did ruling party past five years in Goa? What is the major problem of Goa’s people? People are also searching before coming to election Goa election Opinion poll. Some news agency did a survey in Goa and predict that this one party winning chances are high. In the Present time, BJP is ruling party in Goa state so another political party will put blame that BJP has not worked properly and disclose corruption case front of public in the election.

Goa AAP Party First Candidate List

Goa election opinion poll

Some major party become in Goa state politics like that Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) and now Aam Aadmi Party has announced that We will contest Goa election 2017. There all are doing election campaign on the large stage in Goa. There all are very busy in the preparation of next assembly election of Goa State and making their strong candidate list who will stand on different Goa legislative seat. Below, You will find Goa election opinion poll.

Goa election 2017 news survey | Opinion Poll | exit poll

Party Seats 2016 Vote % Seats 2012 Vote %
BJP+ 22 41.4 26 44.9
AAP 9 24 0 N/A
Cong+ 6 23.5 9 34.8
GF 2 5 0 0

Goa assembly election exit poll

We are publishing here all news survey company exit poll one by one. Watch below the table and make sure that who’s party condition is strong and who’s party condition is lost. Goa election Opinion poll predict that who can win the election?

Party / Alliance Seat Projection
AAP 14
BJP 11

Prudent Media Survey on Goa Vidhan Sabha Election 2017

Prudent media latest survey says that if the election held  today so BJP will lose the majority in Goa Vidhan Sabha. According to this latest survey of Goa no one party seeking to get full majority so it means that in Goa alliance may come in 2017 Goa Vidhan Sabha Chunav.

Goa election Opinion Poll 2017 | Exit Poll | News Survey

Latest Goa Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 Survey

Party Predicted Seats
BJP 17-18
MGP 3-4
CONG 12-13
AAP 4-5
OTH 1-2

India TV-CVoter Survey Goa Election 2017

India TV on Wednesday night has presented their combined latest survey of Goa Election on their TV Channel show. Which result is given below?

Party Predicted Seats
BJP 16-18
Congress 13-15
NCP 1-3
Others 6-8

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll Goa Election 2017

Party Seat Share Vote Share %
BJP+ 17 – 21 38
Congress 13 – 16 34
AAP 1 – 3 16
Others 3 – 5 12

(Aaj Tak) India Today latest survey Goa Vidhan Sabha Election 2017

Indian Today has conducted the survey in between 12 to 20 December with the help of Axis on all 40 constituency seats of Goa State. In this Opinion Poll from 1794 people to talk and collect the sample as per the Opinion Poll once again in Goa BJP can win? The India Today Opinion Poll Result Mention below.

Party Seat Share Vote Share %
BJP+ 20 – 24 41%
Congress 13 – 15 33%
AAP 2 – 4 8%
Others 1 – 4 18%

Who’s first choice as Goa CM?

  • Lakshmikant Parsekar 35%
  • Digamber Kamat 20%
  • Manohar Parikar 17%
  • New Face 20%

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Take full enjoy in this election and cheer-up your favorite team and read a daily new post related to the upcoming election.

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  1. Aap will win goa

  2. When will the dates be announced, my wedding is on Feb 26th 2017, I have spent so much money, if it is falling on this day or if it a dry day than it will be worst day for me, Catholic wedding do not happen without wine, Election commission cannot delay in announcing the dates, Goa is not like other states, our culture is different.

    Lot of Goan Catholics will be effected.
    Atleast you’ll should give special permission for weddings to serve alcohol.

  3. Please do not delay, at least give us a special permission to play music and serve alcohol.

  4. Bjp is Indian fascist party & like trump in usa

  5. Kejriwal is chutiyaa so are his supporters only chutiyee will vote for aap

  6. i am from gujarat.. i have fan of bjp at my college times. when i took interest in politics and media.. i am doctor also and stay in ahmedabad. bjp is totally corrupt, feku and very bad party.. i know that how much they take taxes and since 5 year ahmedabad muncipality increase 2 times taxes.. toll booth taxes… and u see the goverment college and school. its very pathetic situation. never vote for bjp

  7. BJP = Bharat Jalawo Party, Bhartiya Jumla Party, I am also a big fan of Mr. Modi before jan 2012, When I wa sgone in surat gujarat, after that I was seen there Modi is a agent of Industrial man. after that I was a big hater of Modi.

    so please aoid Modi and BJP.

    • sandeep tiwari ur comments is very same full. And please visit one time in bangal or kerla and u can recognize which party is best for cast vote.
      I hope u r also suffering from reservation please write some thing on reservation.

  8. BJP = Bharat Jalawo Party, Bhartiya Jumla Party, I was also a big fan of Mr. Modi before jan 2012, When I was gone in surat gujarat, after that I was seen there Modi is a agent of Industrial man. After that I am a big hater of Mr. Modi.

    So please avoid Mr. Modi and BJP.

  9. M from mumbai.. roads r less and pot holes r more… lot of corruption… khadse accused of having contact witj dawood but still minister.. its support shivsena whos ruling BMC has messed up mumbai…
    Mseb electricity rate and service sucks… many more..
    Think and vote…

  10. Now in 2017 Every state Congress party vote is is already increase last 1 years 2017 congress party leading a good in India also in people wants change in Gujarat now time for the change all also next 5 state congress party win more seat compare to others election .people are more educated now every one know who is great or not .who work for others not fake promise.. jay Bharat

  11. Aap is much ahead of Bjp in Punjab and Goa due to respect earned due to honesty.

  12. AAP…Aam Admi Paresan!

  13. support 2 year not 60 year ……so I m with bjp

  14. Every BJP supporter feels as if AAP is going to get 5 seats. Hahaha. Even then they keep on saying AAP AAP AAP AAP. All of them know what is happening.

    Bjp congress are no match for AAP volunteers. Door to door campaigning is on in full swing. Every house visited till elections. Try and beat that.

    We may not have money. We have the best volunteers though. And I’m seeing magic happen on the ground in Goa. Just wait for the results. You will be surprised. AAP magic all over again. Delhi once more.

    Time for Goa to shine.

    My predictions. AAP – 28 seats.

  15. Time for Goa to shine aap will win Goa with more than 20 seats and also in Punjab with more than 80 seats

  16. BJP will divide our country…BJP is the party of hate politics…

  17. AAP should win its a party by the people for the people …..

    BJP and Congress both are same Political mafiyas…

  18. aam aadmi party zindabad. only only only one honesty political party in india that is aam aadmi party

  19. Look at Delhi. Even with Modi’s hinderence, Arvind Kejrival is giving a good governance. Our Country is divided and we are going backward.Please everyone give a chance to ARVIND KEJRIVAL.A win in Goa and Punjab for AAP will put Arvind Kejrival for PM candidate for upcoming Loksabha election in 2 years.

    Hard working, Honest,Knowledgable,Simple,Non corupted,are the few good qualities of A K.

  20. Only aap u all bhakt of Modi pls compare aap delhi govt facilities with bjp ruling state now then u will be speachless so bhaiyo or Behno ka drama chodo asli kam dekho Aam public ke lie electricity gas medical education facility or yei Sab kuch delhi main itna cheap hua tha Kya Kabi ya tumhari Kisi bjp ruling state mein hai Kya pls bjp Bhakto reply by pls first ap data compare karo in behad jaruri chezo ka itna kam price tha Kya Kabi or Akele bjp mein hi deah bhakt Nahi hai Jan koi Banda dusri party mein Ho to Ganda corrupt Sab Hota hai par Jaise vo bjp mein Shamil Ho jae to ap Supreme Court banke usse hi deah bhakt bna dete Ho Modi ki bato se garibo ka pet Nahi Bharat koi b Insan future ke lie present khrab Nahi krta hai par isne bohot galt Kiya I support to kezriwal and at least for his commitment jo delhi mein bola Sab kiya

  21. Only aap Goa people themselves knows who is honest or who is always faiku just talking about unrealivent things pls bjp supporter pahle to aap yei clear Kar do yei hamare desh ke pm hai ya sirf bjp ke harwaqt bus bjp ki baat I will always support to app

  22. BJP is not a party, it is another face of RSS, VHP, BD etc.
    They know they cannot get vote directly so put the mask on face and give a different name and do all the fake promises.
    Everyday they show the fear of 17% Muslims to 85% Hindus, and some coward come in their fear and vote to them.

  23. aap will win goa and panjab

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