Election Commission D-List 255 Fake Political Parties

Election Commission D-List 255 Fake Political Parties:  The news is coming from Election Commission that EC has taken a big action on fake Political Parties. As per the news sources, EC has black list 255 Political Parties. After Commission’s this action fake Political Parties out from Political System. The EC also said that the CBDT to examine these 255 bogus accounts of political parties. 255 political parties registered but non-recognized financial details will be examined.

A total of 52 parties in the most bogus political parties registered with Delhi. One such fake party Address 17, Akbar Road, New Delhi is registered. However, a party is registered at the address of the office of the CID, Jammu and Kashmir. 41 from Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu 30, Maharashtra 24 bogus parties have surfaced. From 2005 to 2015 these 255 parties have not contested an election. Following the Commission’s action fake like other recognized political parties now will not be tax deductible.

Election Commission D-List 255 Fake Political Parties

Earlier, the EC contributions to the potential misuse of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has directed that the 255 registered but non-recognized political parties to examine the financial details of the Commission over the last decade No election fight this year was unlisted. CBDT chairman said Thursday in a letter to the Commission between February and December 15, 255 registered but non-recognized political parties were unlisted. Between 2005 and 2015 elections, these parties to fight it was unlisted.

The commission said the election machinery to investigate found that some parties’ not exist or does not work now. CBDT has asked the Election Commission if found in violation of the law if the parties Representation of the People Act, 1951, Section 29-B and 29-C, in view of the provisions of the “necessary action”, EC said. If a person or company under Section 29-B, except for state-owned, volunteer for a political party to offer any sum every political party may accept such donations.

Under Section 29-C of a political party from the party treasurer or authorized person shall prepare a report on the contributions that each financial year in which the individual is given the amount of more than Rs 20,000, and in which a company, public company except, given the amount of more than Rs 20,000. Commission have the right to register a political party, but a party to him under the electoral laws have the right to unregister. Commission to be given the right to an unregistered party sought is pending in the Ministry of Law. However, the Commission had powers under Article 324 of the Constitution to use the long-defunct parties not to contest is unlisted.

The country registered more than 1780, but non-recognized political parties. In addition, the seven national parties, BJP, Congress, BSP, Trinamool Congress, CPI, CPM and NCP are included. The country has 58 state parties.

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