How to Download Aadhar Card Online, e-Aadhar, Duplicate Copy of Aadhar Card Steps

How to Download Aadhar Card Online, e-Aadhar, Duplicate Copy of Aadhar Card Steps:- Here, You have come to the right portal. We will tell you that how to download Aadhar card online by name, UIDAI registration number, enrollment no., Aadhar number. After reading this post, you can easily download your duplicate copy of Aadhar card or e-Aadhar card. Follow us mention step and read details carefully

The Indian government has really shown us that they are taking some initiatives to improve India as a whole and that’s why they introduced us with a unique identification number or Aadhaar card trying to make a difference for the stereotypical minds in the society. With time it became mandatory for the Indian citizens to obtain the Aadhaar card. Although it isn’t the most important document as compared to a passport or a PAN card but it is one of the important Indian governmental documents that you should possess.

How to get appointment for new Aadhar Card Registration

Besides the efforts played by UIDAI of having several enrollment centers across the country, it is still a big pain to stand in long ques and keep enquiring about the enrollment which maybe after days or months.

Make it convenient for yourself by fixing an appointment online. All you need to do is go online and type the below address:

You can also type “Appointment for Aadhaar Enrolment” on Google and a page will open as shown below:

All you need to do is fill in the details and click on “Fix Appointment”. An appointment slip will be generated with a token number and other details of the schedule. You can also “Reset” or reschedule the appointment in case of any uncertainty.

All of us know how important it is to have an Aadhaar card to live in a country like India. The Indian Government is taking steps to help us get all the possible access to Aadhaar Card online.

Download Aadhar Card Online

These are some easy steps that you can follow to download E-Aadhaar card (Aadhaar card Online)

  • Once you have received the acknowledgment slip during your enrollment, ensure that you note down the enrollment number as well as the date and time as shown below as an example. These details will help you in the further steps.
  • Since it is online, make sure you type the right address of the website that is “”. You can type the same address on Google as well. A page will open as illustrated below:

How to Download Aadhar Card Online, e-Aadhar, Duplicate Copy of Aadhar Card Steps

Once you get a page like this, enter all the details like the Enrolment number with the date and time, Full name, Pin Code, the image text for verification (this is basically for security purpose) and your mobile number. You have to make sure that all the details that you submit here are same as when given during the enrolment.

  • After you have mentioned all your details you can click on “Get one time Password” which means you will receive an SMS known as One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number that you have mentioned in the details.
  • Once you have received the SMS on your mobile, the next step is to enter that OTP number in the column which says “Enter OTP” as shown above in the diagram.
  • Recheck all the details for the last time before you enter on “Validate and download”. Once you have clicked on validate and download, E-Aadhaar will be downloaded in a PDF format.
  • As the E-Aadhaar get ready to be downloaded you can use your pin code as you password to open the PDF file.
  • Finally, you can take the printout of the PDF file and use it as a valid Aadhaar card.

Those were the steps to help you download and use a valid Aadhaar card online. But there are situations when you would want to update your Aadhaar data. Even the updating can be done easily online.

To avoid being in a troubled situation in the future it is always best to update your Aadhaar card now.

In order to update the details in your Aadhaar card online, like name, gender, address, date of birth and your mobile number it is essential to go through the following steps.

Steps to Download Duplicate Aadhar Card

Before we start with the process it is important to Make a Note of the following:

  • Since the procedure is online, a mobile number is compulsory for the login as you will receive a password to go ahead with the next step.
  • Supposedly you have lost or do not have the mobile number that you had mentioned at the time of enrolment then you might have to put some efforts by visiting the Update Center (anyone closest to you) or you can also update your request through the post.

1) The first and the foremost step are to type the correct address or go on Google and proceed for the same. This is the home address that you need to type in order to

This address will lead you to a page which looks something like below:

2) Once you have entered the page, half of your job is done. Next, you have to simply type in the “Aadhaar Number” and click on “Send OTP”. Also, type in the verification number for Security purposes.

3) Once you have received the OTP number on your mobile phone, enter the same in order to log in and update your portal.

4) Next, you need to fill in the boxes that you want it to be updated or corrected. The best part is you select more than one field in one go. Fill the boxes with the updated details in English and also your local language.

5) The proof is always necessary as this is government stuff. So whatever details you have updated you need to upload a self-attested supporting document as per the Valid Documents List.

6) The Valid document List is also a tricky one but you can know what all is included in this list once you enter this address:

It is in a form of a gray table which will give you all the details about the supporting documents needed.

The last and the final step is that you select the “BPO Service Provide” and finally you submit the request.

There are some points that you can note for future reference. This is Just in case:

  • You can carefully note down your URN which is known as Update Request Number.
  • You can also download or print your Update Request copy.

Click here to check status Aadhar Card

Receiving an Aadhaar card online is a step initiated by UIDAI and the benefits are many. One of them being that you can directly use the online Aadhaar card even without any authority’s signature.

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