Congress UP CM Candidate: Sheila Dikshit has declared for Assembly Election 2017

Good News for everyone people who are waiting for Congress UP CM Candidate? The possibilities were true. UP polls for next year’s Congress Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has declared a candidate. The main focus of the move Congress to woo Brahmins of UP’s population is about 9 percent. At the same time, the Congress campaign committee chief has appointed Sanjay Singh, who belongs to the Rajput. 7 per cent of UP’s population Rajput.

Earlier, Congress in-charge of Uttar Pradesh Ghulam Nabi Azad had made. It was the first decision of the UP Congress election strategy, 19 percent of the population of the state was taken in view of Muslims. UP polls are a crucial race. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was heavy in the development race. Again this has the potential to be the factor of race. Hence, all parties are better to look at the efforts of the social nexus.

Congress vote bank in his old firm is trying to breathe life again. Aprkast the Dalit Muslims in the state had deteriorated since 1989, the party’s electoral gains by having the position can be fixed. The country is one of the factors contributing to the decline of the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh is the worst case.

Congress UP CM Candidate: Sheila Dixit

After a long time, a Brahmin candidate for the post of party chief in the Hindi-speaking states has shown the courage to choose. In a state where the politics too backwards, OBCs and Dalits is asking. In November 2015 I had tweeted that if they have to return to Congress, he must try to woo upper caste. Because the parties are trying to woo the OBCs.

Uttar Pradesh election opinion poll

Fears have been raised that it will not help the Congress. They seem to forget that the Congress in UP plan is different than they won. Which can be understood in this way …

– Voter 11.6 percent and 28 seats won in 2012 to improve performance.

– In upper caste vote bank to win a break in and not in any party.

– Hung assembly position by bringing in some way come to the role of kingmaker.

This means that these can not form an alliance with the BSP in future? I would not say they will stop the way of the alliance. But will wait for the Congress to raise her hand. As the day there shall be, BSP, BJP ahead of the race will come. Then she might think twice about it. The steps of the Congress can be seen as a strategy to create pressure. This is also a reason for the state is determined to Dikshit has now Outsiders. Congress is in alliance with Mayawati later CM Sheila could be persuaded to withdraw from the race.

  • Will these strategies work for the Congress?

The strategy works whether or not to tell about the election results. A section of Brahmins who had voted for the BJP, that party is unhappy with the prominence of the OBC. He helped the BSP won in 2007 and the party is trying to target these voters.

Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017

Upper Cast and Muslims 10 per cent to 30 per cent vote share, Congress will get there. 12-15 per cent of the vote will be considered good performance and the percentage shall be suitable for the role of government.

This bold strategy is likely to major overhaul. The promotion of these Priyanka Gandhi will help the party to win 50-100 seats. But the party, she would risk putting forward? The success of this strategy depends on the question. Is going to be a very interesting choice

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