Chandigarh Municipal Election 2016: BJP Continuously won the fourth Election after demonetization

Chandigarh Municipal Election 2016: Chandigarh body elections and SAD BJP alliance has dominated. BJP Won 20 Seats out of 26. BJP Alliance Party Akali Dal open an account with one seat in Chandigarh MC Election 2016. Congress Party Won only 4 seats. Congress Party raised the issue of Demonization in this election but unfortunately it was not beneficiary for Congress Party. On Sunday (18th December) 57 percent voting had done with 25 seats. On one seat the election had not held. After the Demonetization this is the fourth election where the BJP Party victory continues. Earlier, BJP Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan victory was achieved in the polls. Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Election Result is a good news for Upcoming Punjab Assembly Election 2017 for BJP-SAD Alliance. This Alliance has been ruling since 10 years.


After the Demonetization no good news has come for Congress Party in the Election. Before this election, BJP Party achieved great success in Maharashtra MC Election 2016. Over his first 50 elected Mayor and City Council Chairman. The results of the first stage 147 in the city council elections, the BJP 52 seats, Shiv Sena 23, Congress won 19, NCP 16. 28 seats have been in the account of the other candidates. 3510 members of the 17 town panchayats ruling BJP 851 seats in the election. Rajasthan and Gujarat, the BJP had won in the civic elections.

Vapi in Gujarat, the BJP 41 seats in 44 municipal elections in the case of 28 of the 27 seats in the municipal Knsadh Knkpur- found. Vapi to Congress three and had to settle for a seat in Knkpur-Knsadh. The district panchayat, taluk panchayat and municipality elections, BJP 23 and Congress 8 seats. The results of the council elections in Rajasthan Panchayat ruling BJP 19 seats, the Congress 14 and others 4 seats.

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