C-Voter Opinion Poll Result UP Election 2017

C-Voter Opinion Poll Result UP Election 2017:- Cvoter has conducted on every election survey exit polls and Opinion Poll. Cvoter has organized the latest survey for Upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2017. This survey has done on all UP Vidhan Sabha 403 Seats between 1st to 31st August. Before coming to declare this survey Mayawati has made strongly first place in mostly Opinion Poll, exit poll but in this survey Mayawati’s party Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has lost the first place and gone away in third place. The ruling party Samajwadi Party (SP) got the first position in this survey and second BJP.

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According to CVoter Survey, the current chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Akilesh Yadav is very popular in the public and Uttar Pradesh Public is happy to work with them. It’s a good news for Samajwadi Party before coming to UP Election 2017 that UP Public’s trust has made on ruling Party.

BSP chief Mayawati had said that BSP will win next UP election with full majority and those rally a large number of public had come to listen to Mayawati speech but this survey shows that public is not satisfied to Mayawati.

C-Voter Opinion Poll Result UP Election 2017

This survey said that if the election has done today in Uttar Pradesh so SP will win 133-149 seats, BJP 134-50 seats, BSP 95-111, INC 5-13. In this survey is clear that If the election has done today so Samajwadi will get lost at least 91 seats, BJP will get benefit 87 seats, BSP will get 15 seat benefits.

BJP 47 134-150 (27.79%)
SP 224 133-149 (27.51%)
BSP 80 95-111 (25.44%)
INC 28 5-13 (6.19%)
Others 24 4-12 (13.07%)

It’s only prediction and CVoter Opinion Result survey so don’t worry. Now, UP Assembly election is far away and more survey, exit poll, Opinion Poll declare by the news agency. Which one party will win in the Uttar Pradesh election 2017? It will clear in the election and in the election result so be cheer up your favorite political party and share with us your political party election-related program via comment.

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