PM Modi Addressed to Nation on New Year’s Eve Watch Video, Speech Main Point

PM Modi Addressing to Nation live, on New Year Eve Evening: PM Modi will address to Nation now in some time. After Demonetisation on 8th November, PM Narender Modi will address a second time to the nation. To be expected that they have been out of practice for deposit notes after having completed 50 days ahead will present a blueprint. It is believed that the Prime Minister can announce some important remarks. As a reminder, on December 28 were completed 50 days of Notbandi. The possibility that the PM can hit hard on the Annonymous property. Modi in his speech can be referring to the steps taken against black money and corruption.

PM Modi Addressing to Nation Live, on New Year Eve Evening

In his address, the Prime Minister remained a major problem since Notbandi to facilitate the flow of cash, especially on the steps can speak. Earlier, on November eight in his first address to stop the circulation of old notes of 500 and 1000 were announced.

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The Prime Minister also can announce several welfare schemes. This includes options like loan waiver for farmers.

According to sources, the Prime Minister on the occasion of completion of 50 days of Notbandi will thank to the people of the country, Despite the difficulty, who maintained abstinence. What the government has done in these 50 days will be given the details. In this speech, the fight against black money and some new announcements are attached to Notbandi. The Jan Dhan accounts is also important announcement possible.

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